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Ladybirds Game

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Kids will learn to count as they match the spots and collect cute ladybirds in one of Orchard Toys’ games! Players must roll the dice, match the spots on the cards to the ones on the dice and count the ladybirds hiding on the leaves. This simple game uses a classic cup and dice, which kids will enjoy as they take their turn! The player with the most ladybirds at the end of the game is the winner.


Game of Ladybirds is a game of anticipation, where players wait with excitement to see how many ladybirds they will turn over – could it be three…or none?! As well as matching the number on the dice to the number on the cards, players will gain additional maths skills from counting all their ladybirds up at the end.




24 ladybird cards

1 dice shaker

1 dice

1 instruction leaflet


Age range: 3- 7 yrs / Box size: 14.2 x 20.3 x 4.2cm

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