Miles Morales GID Toddler Costume (2-3)

Miles Morales GID Toddler Costume (2-3)

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Miles Gonzalo Morales is one of the characters known as the human arachnid "Spider-Man." The 13-year-old is the second Spider-Man to appear in the Marvel Universe and is the son of a black American father and a Puerto Rican mother and wears a black Spider-Man suit with the infamous red spider on the chest. A favorite character in Marvel Comics, Miles is best known for his spider-sense, the art of invisibility, the ability to climb walls, and, of course, shoot webs from his wrists.

Includes: Digitally printed jumpsuit padded with "wet look" fiber filling and boot covers with elastic straps for easy placement under shoes. The spider emblem located on the front glows in the dark. Also includes matching half mask with glow in the dark effect

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