3D Pompetz - Dinosaur 4 Designs in 1 Box Stationery Not specified

3D Pompetz - Dinosaur 4 Designs in 1 Box

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1. First punch out the holes on the cardboards. On the main body, stick 1 foam tape on the places marked 1x, and 2 foam tapes on the places marked 2x, one on the top of the other (don't forget to remove the yellow backing on both sides). Then stick the sides of two legs onto the main body, aligning the circles on the sides with the already placed foam tapes.
2. Take one of the threads and put it through the eye of the needle. Using the needle, thread the yarn through the aligned holes at either the front or back of your Pompetz and then tie off the end securely around the body. Next, thread the yarn through the hole repeatedly, following the pattern around the body, until you can't fit the needle through anymore. Once you're done, repeat for the other half of your Pompetz.
3. Ask an adult to help cut the yarn along the edge of the body.
4. To give your Pompetz a neater and fluffier look, you can trim the ends of the yarn closer to the body to meet your desired shape and thickness.

What's in the box
4 x sets of Pompetz: each set contains the main body and two sides.
40 x Double-sided foam tapes
8 x Yarns
1 x Instruction sheet

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