Mother’s Day Inspiration

Mother’s Day Inspiration

Mother’s Day Inspiration

We all agree that Mom is a special person in our lives and should be valued every day, but how often do we really express that? And do we do enough to teach our kids how to genuinely express appreciation towards the people that are important to them? Buying a thoughtful gift is, of course, a great way to express appreciation, but more often than not, it is the small, practical things we do that mean the most to others, or the personalized gifts and attention which demonstrating that we are prepared to go out of our way for another, that matter the most. Below, we share our thoughts on some of the ways to encourage your kids to express their love for Mom in tangible ways.

  • Set a good example

Do you visit or call your own parents regularly? Do you express appreciation for them, both to them and to your children? Do you tell your kids how your parents have helped you in your life? Do you do things that make your own mom’s life easier? All these are things that kids observe and copy.

  • Teach kids to do practical tasks as expressions of love

Sometimes, the best thing someone can do for you when you’ve had a rough day – or a rough year – is fold up the washing. Or for everyone to clean up and put away their own dishes. Or to tidy up their toys. Teach children to do simple tasks and let them know how much they mean to you. There is nothing wrong with rewarding kids from time to time when they do household duties, but a reward for domestic tasks is not a ‘basic right’. They are part of the family and should help, but rather than making a big deal of it, why not simply tell them that a tidy room is the best present Mom could think of on Mother’s Day!

  • Simple crafts

A hand-made gift beats any store-bought item. It shows the time and effort that kids are prepared to put into making their mothers’ happy. But don’t expect them to know how to guess what will please you. Tell them that you love their drawings or the crafts that they are enthusiastic about. Dad can help them make a simple gift, or encourage a friend or older sibling to help them make a present, if they are too little to manage on their own. Not only will you receive a memento of their love, but kids themselves will feel capable of expressing themselves and valued for their contribution.

For some craft inspiration, take a look at this super simple, adorable range of flower pictures made from paper cupcakes that are sure to be fun to make and to brighten up Mom’s life!

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