How to assemble the Kids Learning Tower

How to assemble the Kids Learning Tower

How to assemble the Kids Learning Tower

Here's how you assemble the Kiddie Ma-Jigs Learning Tower.

What you will need:

A drill.

What's in the box?

Learning Tower Components

  • 2 x Side Panels
  • 1 x 42cm round safety bar
  • 1 x Standing Platform
  • 3 x 42cm x 10cm planks
  • 1 x 42cm x 6cm plank
  • 12 x Screws
  • T15 Drill Bit


Step 1: Lie a side panel flat on the floor or surface with the grooves facing upwards.

Step 2: Twist the round safety rod into position on the flat panel.

Step 3: Insert the standing platform into the desired slot based on the height you would like it. This can easily be changed at a later stage if you need to and we recommend starting in the middle if you are not sure.

Step 4: Attach the second side panel to the dowel and middle board with the grooves facing down

Step 5: Insert all the other planks.

Step 6: Put in the screws on the top, making sure that the boards are all in the right positions. Fasten the screws using the drill bit.

Step 7: Flip the Montessori ladder so that the opposite side panel is lying flat on the floor. Adjust the boards to make sure they are straight as they may have shifted in the move.

Step 8: Drill in screws on the other side

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