Book Character Costume Ideas for Kids

Book Character Costume Ideas for Kids

Book Character Costume Ideas for Kids

From novels to comics, book characters are filled with magic and inspiration! Whether you’re going to a friend’s party or a school event, become the main character with these rocking costumes!


  1. Harry Potter

Are you brave Gryffindor? Or perhaps you’re conniving Slytherin. Show off your house and wand with our cool Harry Potter costumes! From wands to robes, to glasses, we’ve got everything you need for your Hogwarts expedition. Or maybe you’re more of the sporty type. Grab your Quidditch gear and catch the Golden Snitch! Get your Harry Potter costume here:


Fun Facts:

  1. Hogwarts has 142 stairs.
  2. All the Harry Potter spells are Latin.
  3. Dragon blood can be used as an oven cleaner!


  1. The Mad Hatter

Become a member of the Mad Tea Party with our snazzy Mad Hatter costume. Bring life to your character by asking riddles, laughing, and drinking tea! Get your Mad Hatter costume here:


Fun Facts:

  1. October 6 is marked as Mad Hatter Day.
  2. The Mad Hatter appears in the Batman comics as a villain who uses mind-controlling devices on victims!
  3. Lewis Carroll (the author of Alice in Wonderland) never referred to the character as the Mad Hatter. Carroll only refers to him as the Hatter—or Hatta.


  1. Willy Wonka

Become the eccentric owner of a chocolate factory with our top hat and jacket combo. We bet your friends will like it a choco-lot! Get our costume here:


Fun Facts:

  1. The original title for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was Charlie’s Chocolate Boy, which told the story of Charlie getting trapped in chocolate!
  2. The Oompa-Loompas were almost called Whipple-Scrumpets, but Roald Dahl changed almost all the characters’ names.
  3. While the book was set in London, the movie was filmed in Germany.


  1. Wonder Woman

Who said you can’t look fantastic while fighting injustice? Gather your Lasso of Truth and golden gauntlets, and pair them with our Wonder Woman costume. Get yours today!


Fun Facts:

  1. Wonder Woman never wore a skirt; they were very flowy shorts!
  2. Wonder Woman was originally made of clay. Her mother, Hippolyta, made her of clay and brought her to life.
  3. Wonder Woman’s tiara is also a boomerang-like weapon, her gauntlets can deflect bullets, and she can fly!


  1. Batman

Explore the rooftops of Gotham City with our awesome batman costumes, suitable for both girls and boys! Every superhero needs a mask; get yours today! You’ll need it to take that pesky Joker down. Buy your very own Batman/Bat-girl costume here:


Fun Facts:

  1. Batman and Robin together are called the Dynamic Duo.
  2. Batman is considered to be the greatest detective in the world.
  3. Batman and Superman teamed up, and they know each other’s real identities.


So, what are you waiting for? Whether you’re an ambitious wizard or crime-fighting superhero, we’ve got the perfect gear for you! Shop our range today!



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